Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) is a mouse-only, adventure choosing  graphic novel game in which you must explore dangerous forests, save your friends from a pirate conspiracy, and avoid a particularly odd barbarian who wants to do unpleasant things to your squishy innards.

Due to the presence of drunken witches, a double-entendre happy barmaid and, worst of all, the sarcastic rabbit, it is not recommended for under 13s.

"So much fun... prepare to have a big grin on your face." Five Stars
Big Al's Books and Pals Fantasy Book of Year Nominee (ebook version).

Upcoming Point and Click Adventure: The Five Day Detective (Steam Page)
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Five Day Detective


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Managed to pick up the game on sale, made some kind of bonus

Weird, I can't claim it while it's free.

I don't know if this is too late or anything, but the same thing happened to me. The Download Now button at the top and the Download or Claim button under Download didn't work. However, I use the app on my laptop, and clicking the Buy Now button at the bottom right corner of the screen worked for me.

Thank you.

Of, course. Happy to help.


loved this

Thanks! Happy you had fun :)


Hey! I played your game and It's so interesting. Thus, I rated you ☆☆☆☆ out of ☆☆☆☆☆. All the best! 

I recorded a video for your game if you wanna check on it this is the link:

Thanks! Yes, I was very happy with the jaunty Funeral March tune too XD


Hello. This is a very good game.


- I like the art style a lot.

- You can mute the bgm, really cool.

- Very good stories.

- The start credit is interesting!

- very logical.

-This is a browser game.

- good music and sound fx


- Too much words, people might not play this for a lot.

- Only pressing buttons, I would recommend have some more mechanics, like if you chop wood, you can click on the log instead of just pressing a button.


This is a great great game! 8/10. Good job. Im looking forward to you future games.

Thanks for checking it out! This actually started off life as a book, so that might explain a lot of things. Our video games are gradually becoming more... video gamey XD

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In the zip file, there's a file called index.html. Is it used to play in the browser? If so, it doesn't seem to work.

Also, I played the game a little, and I'm already enjoying it a lot

Hi, glad you're enjoying it!

No, you don't need the index file for the browser game. In fact, since the download is a book, you don't really need it for anything now. I'll probably delete it.

Thanks for your comment :)


I see, thank you very much for explaining

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Ok, we've made some changes- there is a now a downloadable version of the game available alongside the book.


Thank you very much

Just a heads up, but the name of the executable doesn't match that of the data folder, so the game won't open until either the folder or the executable are renamed to match each other.

Other than that, it appears to run perfectly

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Thanks a lot for the heads up. This is what happens when a writer like me tries to do basic tasks, rather than the coder XD

I've changed it now.


A mix of fun, awkwardness and logic, cool game!

I am curious as to how you made the images and people?

Thanks! This started out life on Deviant Art, and the images are dA stock models (linked to in the credits) which I then edited with Gimp and G'Mic to give all the different photos a similar style.