Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) is a mouse-only, adventure choosing  graphic novel game in which you must explore dangerous forests, save your friends from a pirate conspiracy, and avoid a particularly odd barbarian who wants to do unpleasant things to your squishy innards.

Due to the presence of drunken witches, a double-entendre happy barmaid and, worst of all, the sarcastic rabbit, it is not recommended for under 13s.

"So much fun... prepare to have a big grin on your face." Five Stars
Big Al's Books and Pals Fantasy Book of Year Nominee (ebook version).


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A mix of fun, awkwardness and logic, cool game!

I am curious as to how you made the images and people?

Thanks! This started out life on Deviant Art, and the images are dA stock models (linked to in the credits) which I then edited with Gimp and G'Mic to give all the different photos a similar style.