The Bunny Hill Horror Concludes!

So... we've fixed and changed a lot of the first Bunny Hill Horror. Some of the improvements are: less buggy phone, less cumbersome Daisy scene (you no longer have to reenter the antechamber if you've shown her the letter and moved on to a different conversation topic), improvements to the menu, UI, audio and... coder Mike knows more about them than me, but I can't wait, because- like Ozzy Mandias- I've got a big announcement:

Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler is now complete! We've finally finished the concluding chapter of the series after nearly a year in development. More action! More schlocky jump scares! More endings! Ingame jukebox? Interactive puzzles? Victorian poetry? Yes, yes, all those things and more! Anyway, stop listening to me ramble on- go play the thing. And please let us know what you think :)


Here are some screenshots:

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