Oswald Mandias is a man on a mission: to drag the country kicking and screaming back to the glory days of old, where a gentleman could rely on the time-tested values of chivalry, breeding and class. Armed with vicious zombies, a stockpile of highly questionable pharmaceuticals, and an iron will, he has recruited you to grow his plans to fruition.

Lucky you.

In this darkly-humorous visual novel adventure, you’ll tackle fiendish puzzles, decide which very curious characters to trust, and compete in a pub quiz where the sudden death round means just that. Will you consign Oswald’s plot to the dustbin of history, or will the past come back to life- in more ways than one?  

This is the follow up to The Bunny Hill Horror. It is not recommended for under 15s and caution is advised for those of a sensitive nature. So... you've been warned...

Upcoming Point and Click Adventure, Five Day Detective (Steam Page)

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Five Day Detective


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Managed to pick up the game on sale, made some kind of bonus

Weird, I can't claim it, while it's free.


What a story!!! Thanks for the recommendation!


Thanks for a very entertaining playthru. Some good voices there- Elf and Tezza in particular! Also, you win the award for the first person I've known to get the Buffy reference so... well done there ;)

To answer your question at the end: there are three endings and you missed a couple of important things in the dispensary and games room.


Here is Pt. 1 of my gameplay

Thanks for playing! I think this is the first time one of our games has appeared on Vimeo too- so that's a first :D


Your welcome! i might upload a part 2 soon. :)


Thanks for reaching out to me, to tell me about your game, I really enjoyed it. its well written and the story, was amazing had me wondering, what I had to do next. loved the art style you used too. It made the game have this cool but creepy feel.

I don't normally play, visual novel games for the period of time, I played this one (will become apparent in the video). But I was so engrossed in the story, I wanted to find out what happened next 😄

Here's My Full Playthrough. I hope you enjoy it and have a nice day 😉 


Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun- it's always good to try something different now and again, I find. Congrats on getting one of the good endings too :D


Very well written game. Lots of dialogue choices, which I really like in Visual Novel games. I didn't play the entire game so someone could use my video to decide if they wanted to download and play it in its entirety. You did and excellent job. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks a lot :) Glad you enjoyed it- I like how you ended the video on a bit of a cliffhanger!


Made a video


Thanks for an entertaining video! That bit of white you highlighted was a plastic bottle someone must have thrown on the roof. I'm going to try and pass it off as an easter egg- so congrats on finding it :D


This game was really neat. I have never played the first game but it gave me a gist on what it was about. The story was quite interesting and the villain Oswald was really interesting too. This is also the first time I have played a visual novel where the characters are actual people dressed up to fit the character they are portraying. However, the way the text is shown feel very long and crampy. Maybe making the text smaller in scale instead of one whole paragraph would be better for reading. Other than that it was an enjoyable story and I probably got the worst ending. Great Game :D


Thanks for playing and your suggestions- glad you enjoyed it! And... yes, that was the worst ending XD But it's also the most common to get.


Here is the full gameplay for your game guys!


Awesome- that's some good persistence! I do sadly have to tell you that that was the worst of the three endings ;) Also, on a factual point- 999 is the number for the emergency services in the UK. 911 is for America.


Oh really! I got the worst of the three endings lol! I honestly didn't know it will lead to that at that point, was thinking I can have another shot with the help of that waitress.


The other endings are tricky though and we were a bit harsh with the optional puzzles- with two of them you only get one shot. You did get the salt puzzle tho! That helped you save... well, I won't spoil it for anyone- but well done XD


I just finished playing both games in the series and I found them quite enjoyable. It has a few rough edges but they don't affect the experience. The following is just my subjective impression:

Positive points: atmosphere (visuals and audio), nice characters and branching narrative. Jumping right into the story without long intros/tutorials. 

Neutral points: it could use just a little more character development but I found them likable and believable as they are. This may also be out of the scope of a short novel, making less more and viceversa. The difficulty of the puzzles in this part was more even and a little easier.

The only mildly negative points are that I missed having longer endings and that I wished the interface could be more keyboard-oriented. I don't mind scrolling down and tapping with the trackpad but it becomes a bit of an issue (for lazy people like me :P) when the options take more than one screen (meaning that scrolling down to the bottom hides the top options).

Overall, an interesting read, very recommendable. Thank you for making these games and for taking the time to answer.

Thanks! Glad you had fun :)


this game is so cool and underrated give som loveee<3<3

Thanks! Much appreciated :)

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im going to reply to my own comment when we finish this, and so will lucy. that being said she is sat right next to me laughing. we're gonna finally play this together in person for once, she has her double stuffed oreos  and little coke bottle.

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Haha, I don't know! But thanks, and enjoy the oreos and little coke :P

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So, I got two endings. That was a nice conclusion to Bunny Hill Horror, I couldn't open the cabinet which Is sad, and also the visuals just disappeared for me all of a sudden at the end, so maybe that's a bug. Neverthless, I really liked this. I got two endings, how many are there? Also looking forward to your detective game!

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Thanks! Good to hear from you again. There are three endings, and we'll look into those issues :)

Just had a thought: did the cabinet start off ok and only stop working the second time? Because you only get one shot at it.

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The cabinet, I meant I didn't input the correct number! It wasn't a bug, my bad. Also, the art started disappearing after I got my checkpoint just before I did the cabinet. (When Rob kills me because I told him where I was, then I re-arrive just before that moment and get another shot at the cabinet.) And the art also disappears when I go up to confront Ozy Mandias, (I mean Oswald) , I don't know if that part was intentional or not.


Thanks a lot for going into detail- really helps us :)