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Very nice game. I like this kind of atmospheric games. I'm not the biggest fan of visual novels but I find myself playing some from time to time. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

I'd started the sequel before reading its description and realizing there was a first part :P. Maybe this is just me, but I sometimes prefer to play before reading it in order to let myself be surprised by the game itself (also with movies, etc.). Perhaps you could add a mention/link to this first part in the other one's title screen? Unless they may be played in reverse order for a different experience.

For anyone not hearing any audio (again, maybe just me :P), you have to allow autoplay in this site.

Also, I found a bug/bugs, not sure if you're aware of it or where I should be posting it. I'll try to keep it spoiler free: it involves going back to an outdoor area near the end after triggering the event there. The text reappears as if entering it for the first time and a related item gets highlighted but isn't actually usable. I tried to reproduce it on other playthroughs but I couldn't (more like speedruns by now, which might be affecting the result). Instead, now I always get stuck without choices and the last displayed text after trying to go north (west and third options loop as intended). This happens after the event and only after reentering. Reloading and continuing leaves me with the same text, no options and the initial bus background.

Thanks for your comments! Yeah, having written the thing and gone through it 100 times, it's tricky for me to judge what the best experience would be for someone who's new. I think Bunny Boiler stands up by itself- there are recap scenes and so on, although you'll clearly have a better understanding if you've played this one first. It's also a faster paced game and I think some people are put off by all the wandering around in this one.

Happy for bug reports here. I think I know which section you're talking about. We'll revisit this game at this some point and try and sort it out. Might not be able to do anything about it soon though (the coder's working on his own project- and I'm ploughing through our next one). 

Cheers for the useful feedback :)

You're welcome! ^^ It is hard to judge your own creation. When I used to draw I often found it challenging to find even glaring flaws and was sometimes praised for things I wasn't too satisfied with. You get so familiar with it that it's difficult to think it could be different (for better or for worse).

oh never mind i couldnt see the slider

Cool. Glad that's sorted now!

How Do You Get Past The First Part When You Ask The (King) What To Do, I honostly don't know what to do and i could really use a tip


So i just discovered your game via google maps... Novel approach to marketing, love it!


Brilliant! Yeah, I actually can't believe that worked...

Thanks for your comment :)


Weird to find a game set in stoke but I enjoyed playing it. Looking forward to Part 2 when its ready. Hows it coming along? 

We're getting there, thanks. End of September if we really knuckle down. October if we don't.

Probably October...


Hi, Just to let you know, we've got the final part up now! The second ever game set in Stoke- possibly...

The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler


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I would love for part 2 to come out as soon as possible !! I loved the game and had a pleasant experience!! Do take your time and make it an amazing experience!
The story could have a bit more plot incorporated in it or it could be more engaging or immersive. I also like how you reply to each comment!
The ambience and music added to the feeling. Really nice ambience.


Thanks for your comments and video- it was a good watch! We're hoping to put the final part out in October- which should fill in the rest of the plot elements :)


Just saying, my friend and I lucy aka bitchesman played this together, and we're absolutely gutted that we finished part 1 already :( we love it so much not even kidding. the humor, the characters, the subtle jump scares? Hell yeah! we love it all man, and we literally cannot wait for when the next part comes out, because WE. ARE. HOOKED. and we'll wait for how ever long it takes for you guys to make it happen :) 

would would would recommend <3

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Hi Rusicaria- thanks again for your nice comments on this. just thought you and Lucy might like to know the last part in finally done! Would love to know what you both think. Also, I've started thinking of Ozzy as having a Wario voice now XD

The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler


hey thanks for updating me! lucy is actually coming over in around a week and we've decided to play it together! also if you really put in the wario voice i will literally cry! so excited!! :))


if you ever need a voice actress for wario im free, though i've been told my waluigi voice is near perfect! for real though, i'm so excited to play this next week!!

Ahhh... no voice acting in the game, sorry! We'll have to squeeze in a Wario voice one day :)


I know I just left a review but I could talk about how much me and my friend (Danika) love this game all day! We're both writers and artists and such a fun time playing this, it's unbelievable. If you have number one fans we are going to fight them because we cannot stop talking about this game, thank you so much for making a masterpiece. Much love<3


Aww... thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it <3


I liked how ya'll used the filter in your photo editor to add continuity between scenes -- Also,  I'm a sucker for sound fx, so I appreciated the work you put into your audio environment.
I got stumped and couldn't play to the end, but I'm also not very familiar with text-puzzles.


Thanks for your comment- and for being the first to ever mention our sound effects! (memories of trying to figure out how to muffle sounds in Audacity) And, don't worry, the puzzles stumped a lot of people in this...


Hi there. I'm not sure if there's a bug? I've tried 00128/0128 in both the door lock and the crypt and it says it's wrong. Also tried the phone number with no success. Am I missing something or is there a bug?


You're very close but missing something. Try reading the note again but more carefully. Also, I'll link a playthrough in the Game Information, as a lot of people have been struggling with some of the puzzles.


Thanks for that. Just realised I misread what was in the letter. All good now :)

I played it for a while, sound was a bit loud gotta tune it in my OS settings. Personally I'm not a fan of that genre of games, but have some thoughts. It would be easier to navigate if direction options had a pointing arrows. Second thing, I experienced a bug when I hovered (X) button on the top right it shows popup but I moved cursor out too quickly, and it was not oppening again after I hover. Did not played to end, I think with better graphics and more engaging story cold be a cool game!


Thanks for your thoughts- even though you're not a fan of visual novels.

We'll look into those issues :)